Stone Coated Tile Roof

A newly installed and clean stone coated tile roof.

Stone Coated Tile Roofs are No Problem

There are so many types of tile roofs out there that there is bound to be one that is perfect for each and every house. You can choose from clay tiles, concrete tiles, or even stone coated tiles. The latter offers a strong and durable option, which will work effectively on your roof for quite some time. At 4site Tile & Slate Roofing, we can install a Stone Coated Tile Roof in Fort Worth, TX.

If you think this is the best choice for your home, or want to learn more about this tile type, we are willing to take the time to talk to you. We can even come visit your home to see what choices would make the most sense. You can call us at (817) 881-1260 to make an appointment with us.

Special Features

While you may think that all tile roofs are the same, this is not the case. When it comes to stone-coated tiles, they are coated to be stronger. For example, if you have ever seen clay tiles, you may be aware that they can become damaged and break. With these tiles, they have a special stone coating, which makes them less prone to breakage. This is a great thing when you are trying to maintain your roof. Keep in mind that you will still need to have this type of roof inspected every few years, but other than that, it shouldn’t require much upkeep. This makes ownership of a roof like this much easier, where you won’t have to do much worrying about it over the years.

Check With Us First

If you are in the market for a Stone Coated Tile Roof in Fort Worth, TX, talk to us about what you are looking for. Your home may be great for something like stone-coated tiles, or metal roofing may be the type that would work better for your needs. Either way, we will be able to help you and do it in a timely fashion. Count on us for all of your roofing needs. Just contact us at (817) 881-1260 to find out the many ways that we can help you and fix up your roof.