Synthetic Slate Roof Installation

A synthetic slate roof.

A Slate Alternative

You may like the look of slate tiles but aren’t sure if you like the idea of heavy tiles on your home. This is where synthetic slate can come in. These tiles weigh much less than slate tiles, and they have the same appearance as the real thing. At 4site Tile & Slate Roofing, we can talk to you about both types of tiles. Check with us about Synthetic Slate Roofing Installation in Fort Worth, TX, to see if you want them for your home.

Synthetic slate is something that won’t break the bank and the tiles are recyclable as well. Once you are ready to learn more about these tiles and how installation works, talk to us about it. Call us at (817) 881-1260 for more support.

Is Synthetic Better?

It is up to you whether or not you think synthetic slate is better than traditional slate tiles for your home. There are advantages of synthetic slate that are noteworthy. They are designed to hold up for many years and can also hold up in extreme weather conditions. What’s more is that they can be installed in a similar fashion to asphalt shingles, so they may be placed on the roof with regular tools, instead of specialized ones, like with natural slate tiles. You should also be aware that we can be of assistance for more than just the installation process. We can also be called on for Synthetic Slate Roof Repair when this is an issue. Our team will continue to take care of your roof over the years when you work with us.

Let Us Lend a Hand

When it comes to synthetic slate, most people won’t even be able to tell that they aren’t slate tiles. This is something that you should be proud of, and you can also feel-good knowing that your roofing is able to be recycled, so it is a more responsible solution. Be sure to work with us when it comes to Synthetic Slate Roofing Installation in Fort Worth, TX, or talk to us about the other types of tiles we can install. All you need to do is call us at (817) 881-1260 and we will handle the rest.